Something that perplexes me. There are many examples where the collective ‘guys’ is used to represent a bunch of people, comprising both males and females. I’ve read up a little on the web about the term actor/actress, I guess (my brain isn’t working well at the moment, and I can’t concentrate on much for any period of time – therefore I have not read up on Waiter/Waitress and Air Hostess…)

What’s with the collective term ‘guys’? Does any female out there detest being grouped under the term ‘guys’? Let me hear your thoughts!

Mid-week exercises to keep me healthy

I signed up for a Soccerfit exercise session in that went for 1 hour a weeknight for 8 weeks through Feb & March. I really enjoyed it, and it prevented me from sitting ‘idle’ at least one night per week! Since it ended, I’ve lapsed into a non-exercise routine…and with the temperature dropping, exercise at night seems to be a silly thing to do…in the cold.

Well, in order to keep up the momentum, I’ve signed up for another nightly session of exercise…but this time 2 nights a week! (Because I must enjoy it – others will think otherwise! ๐Ÿ™‚

The session is called “Aerobic Kickboxing Fitness” and is run through the St George & Sutherland Community College. It reads: “Join our unique and motivating classes using Martial Arts techniques. Overall body shaping and fat burning, great cardiovascular workout. Non-contact Kickboxing moves with the energy and vigour of an aerobic class. Great motivating music. For all ages and fitness levels.” (taken from:

Bring it on! ๐Ÿ™‚

Changes whilst donating blood…

I donated blood today and noticed a number of changes (it’s been 70 days since my last donation…)

  1. The donor consent/medical history form has changed (it now asks if you have ever been out of the country)
  2. There’s a sign asking you to contact the Blood Bank should you feel unwell, nausea, have diarrhoea, etc. within 7 days after donating blood (in the past everything focused on events prior to that donation)
  3. They now use a different bandage and different tape (thinner and weaker). When I asked the nurses why they changed, they muttered that it’s ‘likely’ to save money – ironic when it was explained that they now needed to use more {of both} than with the older products.

One of the nurses asked me how come I noticed so many changes, and upon a quick think (because I had not consciously thought of this in the past) I put it down to being more observant of things being different. We discussed the fact that change is required to keep things moving/progressing, but change for changes sake, or change for such a one-dimensional aspect (saving money without factoring in the increased usage) is just ludicrous. The staff won’t thank management for it, if anything, it will drive a wedge between them and management.

I wonder how many ‘upper management’ decisions truly encompass the views and inputs of the people using the items on a daily basis? Will the Blood Bank truly save money with decisions like this? How many other false prophecies are being played out every day in companies, large and small?

I’m all for change but like to know that consultation and communication are included as part of any decision to make changes (for whatever result).

Hello world!

I have a number (over 30) of items in my ‘things to blog about’ file, but you think I can muster up the mental strength to choose one of them to start things off with?

I hope this becomes an outlet for some of my wackier ideas – my wife entertains my whims and tirades but secretly (between you and I), she is over them, and seeing as my wacky thoughts are not going away, I have to share them with someone!

Here’s a taste of what will be forthcoming – stupid people, simplifying the world, creativity, innovation, Making the most of what you have, learning and coming to terms with who you are, wacky ideas, music that moves me (and why), what I still have to achieve, where I’m at, who’s around me & what I’ve learned from crashing my bike.

-> Adrew Blanda ๐Ÿ™‚